SOMA Family,

In an effort to help connect us far-and-wide, the class of 2022 has designed “The Humans of SOMA.” It is our initiative to highlight the very unique life of being a medical student. Our goal isn’t to impress, impose, or brag; but rather, to shine a light on the dark moments we all experience and to accentuate the best moments in our on-going efforts as lifelong learners. I believe we all too often forget that the journey is equally as important as the destination. 

These stories are real and uncensored. As such, we encourage everyone to participate with the full-hearted realness of what it means to be you. Given the nature of this website, the following are strictly prohibited:

 1.     Non-constructive criticism

2.     Implying harm to anyone

3.     Furthering individual agendas

Never forget that you are patient number 1,

-R, 2022


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